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           Anhui Guozhen Media Co., Ltd.







         Anhui Guozhen Media Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary to Anhui Guozhen Group.

         Guozhen Media Ever since its founding, the company has been always adhering to seize the trends of the industry in active manners, provide customers with full-scale, three-dimensional brand image and marketing services, concentrate on enterprise core competitiveness enhancement and help customers to achieve maximum values.

         Brand image, brand positioning, enterprise VI Design, album design, advertising design, packaging design, web site development and design (including Flash Dynamic Web site), Flash advertisement design, advertising video and micro-film making.

         Guozhen Media has always been committed to the providing customers with accurate solutions to achieve subtaintial and mutual development with customers in professional attitudes and with refine services under the innovative and integrity service concepts.

         Guozhen Media wish to achieve mutual benefits and win-win developments with our customers and colleagues, and together create a brilliant future!



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